These weapons are simulated firing, which means they run on an oxy-propane gas mix, the advantage of running this system means that they are a fraction of the cost of using blanks.

Please feel free to come and have a play at our workshop!


Water cooled Vickers Heavy Machine Gun  -  £2000

Comes complete with water can and working tripod mount!

Full size Pak 35/36 replica [Simulated Firing]  -  £4500

Simulated firing! Constructed from 12mm laser cut steel plate. Lots of detail and working parts!

50. Cal Browning Heavy Machine Gun [Simulated Firing]  -  £895

30. Cal Browning Machine Gun [Simulated Firing]  -  £895

MG42 [Simulated Firing]  -  £895

MG-34  [SIMULATED FIRING]  -  £895

G.P.M.G [Simulated Firing]  -  £895


 twin vickers K s[Simulated Firing]  -  £1800  


Lewis Gun [simulated firing ]  £895
An all metal replica [Full Sized] of the Lewis Gun
Features a folding bi-pod

Gas Cannons

Made to order, anything from 20mm upto a tigers 88mm!